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Custom Automation Equipment

Custom Automation Equipment
Custom Automation Equipment

Since our first order in 1991, Automated Industrial Technologies has designed, built, installed, and serviced hundreds of machines across the United States and aroundthe world for the automotive, defense, electronics, energy, lumber, medical, and pharmaceutical industries.

Our custom automation systems can perform everything from assembly to robotic welding. We also build systems designed for environments such as nuclear, clean room, and various scientific applications.

Our services include industrial engineering, mechanical and control system design, software development, and system documentation.

AIT collaborates with you to provide a straight-forward, software-enabled assembly system using the latest technology in material handling, robotics, machine vision, sensors, and HMI controls from Allen Bradley, National Instruments, Siemens, Sew Motors, and a number of other well-known components manufacturers.

Bottom line - we help you efficiently complete assembly or testing tasks with fewer manual steps and greater accuracy.

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