Innovative Production Machinery

Design - Build Process

Design - Build Process
Design - Build Process
Design - Build Process
Design - Build Process

We Solve Complex Problems In A Simple Way With A Collaborative Mindset

You speak directly to the team members who create your equipment at both the pre- and post-install levels. There is no outsourcing here. Our in-house capabilities at our state-of-the-art central Virginia facility allow us to have oversight of your entire custom automation project.

Typical lead time for build is 12 to 20 weeks, depending on the complexity of the project. We start with the end in mind, listen to your input to innovate a solution, and involve you throughout the process.

  • Our design engineers visit your site to understand your operation, gather project specifications, and discuss your automation goals
  • Our team of mechanical and electrical engineers join forces on a design proposal
  • AIT team meets with you to review the design concept and proposal
  • Receipt of signed proposal and your initial payment allows us to schedule your build
  • AIT completes a run off either with you present or with AutomationVueSM privileges, allowing you to view your machine in operation remotely

Our goal is a seamless hand-off. We support you through installation and operator training at your facility.

Remote Observation During Run-Off

Custom projects may also include our AutomationVueSM privileges during the multi-day run-off phase of testing. By remotely observing run-off through AutomationVueSM, you avoid the expense of travel and time out of the office and gain the advantage of reviewing the throughput and quality of your custom machine processes. AutomationVueSM is our trademarked service and is another aspect of our collaborative project management mindset. With AutomationVueSM you are able to observe and participate in the refinements we will make to the programming and run times in this phase to optimize the performance of your custom machine.

AIT issues you a login to secured web portal to access our video camera system in the build area of our plant during business hours. Enabled with video privileges, you can see your custom machine in operation during this critical testing phase. Number and length of views is unlimited; anyone with an interest in the project, at your site or another facility, can be issued a passcode to the web-based portal. Authorized users can also pan the cameras to enhance the view.

During the AutomationVueSM phase, our technicians and engineers act as machine operators to simulate production run conditions using your materials. You gain the added assurance that your machine is functioning as specified and designed.

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