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Articles and reviews of the innovative machinery designed and built by Automated Industrial Technologies

6/18/2014 - Food and Pharmaceutical Customer Demands Drive Need for Automation at The Timberman

Ninety-five percent of 175,000 pallets The Timberman Company in Camak, Georgia ships each month are stringer pallets—mostly pine, some new, some remanufactured. The mill also builds hardwood shipping boxes. “Automation and assembly in the pallet manufacturing has gotten more sophisticated. Technology is changing the way we move lumber, process lumber, and manage our business,” says McCorkle, general manager. “In order to keep up with the demands of our customers in the food and pharmaceuticals industry and to comply with USDA standards, we have to keep on top of what’s new in lumber processing equipment.” That’s the main reason why McCorkle went to Expo Richmond 2014, as he has bi-annually since the mid-1980s.

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May 16-17, 2014

Expo Richmond
East Coast
Sawmill & Logging
Equipment Expo

4/1/2014 - Customized Solution from AIT and Pallet Machinery Group Leads to Operational Success at North Star Pallets
By Chaille Brindley

Custom Solutions: More than just production speed is important to have a truly efficient operation. Pallet Machinery Group and Automated Industrial Technologies team up to design a new circular resaw for North Star Pallets. This innovative design meets the four key aspects of smart production. 

3/1/2014 - HY400 Center Cut Resaw Debuts at Expo Richmond 2014

Automated Industrial Technologies (AIT) will showcase its newly redesigned HY400 High-Speed Resaw and other pallet manufacturing equipment at the 2014 East Coast Sawmill and Logging Equipment Exposition (EXPO RICHMOND) in the Old Dominion Building in partnership with Pallet Machinery Group. The biennial event, held May 16 and 17 at the Richmond Raceway Complex, draws attendees from the lumber processing industry in North America and internationally. 

9/8/2013 - Automated Industrial Technologies YouTube Channel Premiers Equipment Demonstrations You Tube

8/15/2013 - AIT Launches Linked-In

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