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Wood Processing Equipment

Our longevity as a successful automation systems developer and manufacturer led us to the specialized niche of wood pallet manufacturing and lumber processing.

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We build and service our own line of market-leading saw mill automation equipment including board trim saws, notchers, chamfers, conveyors and board feeders, board sprayers, unscramblers, and stackers.

Our rugged and reliable equipment is used by mills throughout the world to make standard and custom-designed wood pallets and skids, as well as fence boards, stakes, and crates.

We Understand the Business Challenges You’re Facing

Growth of pallet recycling, regulations for wood packaging materials involved in international trade, and the increasing influence of the pallet pooling organizations have affected us all. We often hear that consistent and timely supply of lumber is also a challenge.

How Do We Answer These Challenges?

Wood Processing Equipment
Wood Processing Equipment

We build and service industry-specific equipment that helps you cut labor costs and speeds your throughput to gain recognizable efficiencies in your operation. We can’t help with the consistent supply of lumber or labor, but we can help you keep up with customer demand by quickly understanding your manufacturing problem and visualizing an automation solution.

As the competitive environment has evolved, so has AIT. With faster saws, smaller footprint machines, customized material handling solutions, space planning consulting, and increased uptime on our equipment, we help drive down your costs of ownership. Our goal is your goal—reduce the waste and cut production costs.

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